There are 3 ways to move cards across Drag boards:

Note a card can only be in 1 Drag board at a time.
Note that, for security reasons, you are not allowed to move emails to a board of which the original email recipient is not part. Read more about this restriction here.

1. Drag and drop cards into boards

You can just drag and drop cards across Drag boards. In this method, by default, the cards will always be placed into the first column / list of the destination board.

You can move cards:
From any Drag board to another Drag board.
From the Gmail "Sent" folder into a Drag board.
From a Gmail label or sub-label into a Drag board (and vice-versa).

You can only move 1 card at a time with this method.

2. Use the "send to board" button on the top bar

You can move up to 50 cards at a time using the "send to board" button on Drag's top bar.

Select the cards you want to move.
Click on "move to".
Select the board you want to move the cards to.
Select the name of the column within that board that you want to move the cards to.

3. Create automations to move cards automatically

If the cards you need to move often follow a pattern, you can simply create automations to move them automatically, so you don't need to move them manually all the time.

In the Actions tab, just select the "move to" option and select the board name and column name where you wish to move the cards automatically.

Only future cards following this criteria will be automatically moved. The rule won't be applied retrospectively.

You can also move cards across boards using our mobile app.

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