How to add a Shared Inbox board

You can add a Shared Inbox either while logged into your own individual account or from inside the Shared Inbox account itself. Below are the steps to following depending on the context.

Note this article is only for teams that want to share a real email address with login and password. If you are using a Google Group, check this article instead.
Shared inboxes are included in our Pro Plan.
If you are logged into your own individual account (e.g. john@)

Create a new board choosing the option Shared Inbox
Input the name of the new board and the email address you want to be shared e.g. support@ and press create
Automatically a Gmail login will popup. Select the account and type the password
You'll be redirected to Drag's permissions popup. Read and accept it.

You will be prompted to invite team members to the board. Type the email addresses of the team members that you want share this account with and click on 'Add'. Otherwise, click on 'skip this step'.
You'll be redirected automatically to the new board.

All historical emails from that shared inbox will be automatically fetched into the board. Depending on how many emails there are in your inbox, it may take a few minutes. If the emails don't load immediately, try again again later.

Invited members will receive an email notification to access the new shared board.

Invited users will also have the Shared Inbox board added to their 'Drag Boards' section on their left column in Gmail:

If you are already logged into the shared inbox (e.g. info@)

Turn the toggle button on to add Drag view to that inbox.
Share this board with other team members.
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