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How to use Gmail Delegation in Drag?

Gmail Delegation is a very common use case for Drag. If you want to delegate your entire inbox or specific emails to an assistant or team member, this page is for you. Delegating Gmail in Drag is super easy. Follow the steps below:

Delegating your entire inbox:

To delegate your own inbox:
Open your inbox and turn the Drag view on.
Share your personal board with your assistant or team members. They will have immediate access to your inbox and be able to manage emails and/or tasks on your behalf. More importantly, they can also reply to your own emails on your behalf.

Delegating selected emails:

You can also delegate selected emails only instead of sharing your entire inbox. To do add:

Create a new empty board for delegated emails.
Share the new board with your assistant or team members.
Drag emails to be delegated into the new board. This will give your assistant/ team members immediate access to those emails.
You can automate the process of moving emails into this board, if they follow a predictable pattern.
You can also assign your assistant or team members to emails in that board. In this case, they will receive an email notification about their assignment.
You can also leave internal comments and @mention your assistant or team members into our internal chat. They will also receive email notifications in this case.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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