In addition to the visual Drag boards, Drag offers several collaboration features on top of your normal emails. Most of these features are available in what we call the Drag popup preview.

This is how it looks:

This article will walk you through how to use it.

Opening the popup preview

Hover your cursor on top of a card
Click on the last icon on the right

Comments and @mentions

Use the comments box to have chats with your team around a specific email without the sender of the email knows about it. Learn more about @mentions here.

Every team member invited to collaborate on the board will be able to see the conversations in the comments box.

Assign an email to someone

You can assign email cards or task cards to specific team members in a board. This way, everyone knows who is dealing with what in a workflow. Learn more about email assignment here.

Remember you can only assign an email for a team member that has been invited to share a board with.

Color coding

Add another layer of organization by changing the color of your cards. To do it:
Click on the pencil icon on the bottom right
Select the color of your interest

When you change a color in a shared board, all team members will see the change.

Set due dates

Keep on track with your deadlines by setting due dates to your cards. To do it:
Click on the calendar icon on the bottom right of the popup
Select your date and time
Click on the Save button
You can remove the due date by clicking on the due date icon and Remove button

Create checklists inside an email or task card

You can also build a checklist around one specific email or task. To do it:
Click on the task tab on the top right
On the input box in the bottom, write the task you want
Hit enter on the keyboard
When completing a task, check the checkbox next to the task name.

You can also edit or delete a task by clicking on the respective buttons on the right side next to each task.

To exit the popup preview, simply click anywhere outside of the popup.
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