It's very easy to create a new board. You can do in two ways. This first one is:

On you Gmail sidebar menu, find "Drag Boards" and click on the '+' icon next to it

Select the type of board you want to add. Click here to learn more about the board types.

If you add an empty board

In this case, after inputting the new board name, you will be redirected to the new board. This board will start empty. You will then be ready to share it with your team, customize your columns, drag cards into it or create new cards.

If you add a Shared Inbox

If you chose to add a Shared Inbox, you will be redirected to the following steps:

Input the title of the board and the respective Shared Email address associated to it.
Gmail authentication popup. This is to prove that you have the credentials to access that account.
Drag permissions popup. The same permissions Drag needed to connect to your account will now need to be provided to the Shared Inbox.
Shared Inbox will load. All emails will load on the first column. The remaining ones will be blank.

When you add a Shared Inbox, new emails will load automatically in the first column of the board.

You will then be ready to share this Shared Inbox with your team, customize your columns, drag emails into it or add new tasks.

If you add a Google Groups board

Input the title of the new board and respective Google Group email address, then click on "Create".
The following popup will be automatically populated with the team users that are currently part of the Google Group. You then can:

Click on skip this step if you are happy with the current members
Click on the bin icon next to each name to remove respective members from the Google Group board
Input a new email address on the on the field email on the top then click on add (or hit enter) to invite more users to the board

You will be redirected to the new Google Groups board and will be ready to go! Every email sent to a Google Group will land on this board, and your team will be able to collaborate.
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