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How do notifications work?

Drag has 2 different types of real time notifications to bring certain events that happen on workspaces to your attention.

Email notifications: Emails that arrive directly into users' inboxes.
Activity log notifications: Notifications that load in the 'Priority' tab inside the activity log.

Email notifications

There are 2 types of email notifications.

@mentions: When a team member mentions you on the team chat.

Assignments: When a team member or automation assigns a card to you.

Activity log notifications

Notifications in the activity log appear on the bell icon on the top right of your screen:

The activity log is comprised of 2 tabs: Priority and All.

While the 'All' tab logs every event made across all workspaces, the 'Priority' tab only shows the events considered as more important. You can customize the type of notifications that are important to you, as detailed below.

Only notifications from the Priority tab will be taken into account for the notification number on the bell icon.

'Priority' tab

By default, the following events are included in the Priority tab:

New cards on workspaces.
New inbound replies on existing conversations on workspaces.
Snoozed card reopens.
New assignments to you.
New chat message with @mentions to you.
Anything on cards you are assigned.
Cards due soon.
Cards overdue

Notifications about cards 'due soon' will be sent at 9am the day before they are due and then again at 9am the day they are due.

Notifications about cards 'overdue' will be sent at 9am the day after the card was due.

'All' tab

This tab displays any of the events below happening across workspaces.

The following actions are included in the activity log:
Adding / editing comments
@mentioning team members
Adding / editing due dates
Adding new cards
Adding / editing tasks inside cards
Adding / editing notes inside cards
Assigning cards to team members
Archiving cards
Moving cards across boards or columns
Assing / editing color coding
Adding / removing / editing tags
Merging cards

Click on each notification to go straight to the card where the respective change has been made.

Click on the "Mark all as read" button on the top right of the activity log to unbold all notifications at the same time.

You can also filter any tab to see only the unread notifications by clicking on the checkbox 'Only Unread'.

How to customize notifications

You can customize email and activity log notifications by going to the Drag dashboard > settings > notification settings.

'Mute notifications for personal inbox' will override the notifications settings to do not set as priority any event that occur on your own personal inbox.

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Updated on: 08/02/2024

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