Every time you use a shared board, team members in that board can reply to emails on behalf of each other or on behalf of a shared email address such as support@. This feature applies to both empty boards and shared inboxes.

In order to do that, each email address in the board (including team members and / or a Shared Inbox) needs to grant permissions for others in the board to reply on their behalf.

If you do not want to allow other team members to reply as yourself, you can simply not give them the permission to do so.

To reply to emails on behalf of team members or on behalf of a shared email address, follow these steps.

Go to board settings

You can access board settings in 2 ways:

- From the drop down menu next to each board name on the Gmail left column.

- If you are inside the board, on the 3-dot button on the top right of your board.

Chose permissions

This is how the board settings popup looks like:

You will see the list of team members invited to that board, with checkboxes next to their names. These checkboxes enable other team members in that board to reply as this specific team member.

For example, if support@dragapp.com has a ticked checkbox, this means that all other team members - in that board - can reply to emails - in that board - from support@dragapp.com email address.

You can only change permissions for your own account. If you want to allow team members to reply as a shared inbox such as support@, please login that Gmail account, follow the same steps above and grant permissions in your board settings.

Select the desired sender when replying to emails

If respective permissions are granted, you will have multiple options on the button Reply As inside the Drag popup preview. When replying to an email, simply select from that drop down the desired sender.

The email recipient will receive the email from the sender you chose in the drop down menu.

Still have questions? Email us at support@dragapp.com. Our customer success team will love to help.
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