When you are creating a new board you have the option to chose between an Empty board and Shared inbox. Here is the difference between them.

Regardless of the type of board, you can always share it with your team if you want to.

Shared inbox board

Choose this option if you want emails from a shared account (e.g. support@) to load automatically into the board. In this case, new emails sent to the Shared Inbox email address will load on the top of the first column, in real time.

You can also drag emails manually into a Shared Inbox board. For example, if you receive a support email in your personal inbox you can simple drag it into the support@ Shared Inbox board.

Empty board

Choose this option if you want the board to start empty, like a blank canvas. You can then populate it the way you want. Add new tasks. Drag emails into it. Drag boards were designed to be a flexible workspace for your team.
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