Drag turns Gmail into your Team Workspace. One tool to support customers, manage tasks and close deals from the place teams love: Gmail.

Here's Drag in action and this is how it looks:

We believe Email is in the center of everything when it comes to business communication. Whether you are supporting customers, closing deals, managing projects or many other things, email is likely the tool for it.

However, if you are doing it within a team, it's extremely hard to get the whole on the same page and keep things organized.

Drag turns Gmail into a collaboration hub in 1 click. Teams can manage their most important workflows directly from the place they spend their time. This means no more navigating between tools or forwarding or cc’ing between internal teams. You can explore all of our features here.

Users can install Drag in 1 click. Our platform is a Chrome Extension that integrates seamlessly in Gmail, turning it into a visual collaboration tool.

We work with Drag boards to organize workflows. Each board is comprised by columns and cards, that can represent a lead, a support ticket, a simple email or any building block in your workflow. Here you can learn everything about the types of boards in Drag.

Ready to get started? Try Drag for free now or schedule a demo with our team.

If you need any help setting up your account, feel free to email us at support@dragapp.com. Our Customer Success Team will love to help you.
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