Boards are where email gets organized, information is shared, and great work happens. They give everyone a shared perspective on the work getting done and what still needs to get done.

Boards, columns and cards: The building blocks for your workflows

Drag boards are made up of columns and cards. Cards can be emails or tasks.

Drag board

With Drag Plus and Pro plans, you can create as many boards as you want. This way you can manage multiple workflows right from Gmail. Create and use Drag boards to manage customers, projects, leads or anything else.

Empty board vs Shared Inbox

Boards can be empty or Shared Inboxes. Shared Inboxes are for teams that use company emails such as sales@ or support@ and want to manage them as a team. On the other hand, empty boards start empty, like a blank canvas. You can then populate them the way you want. Add new tasks. Drag emails into it. Drag boards were designed to be a flexible workspace for your team.

Any board can be shared

Regardless of whether boards are empty or Shared Inboxes, they can be shared with your team. Avoid losing communication with all back and forth emails. Share your boards with your team members and have them collaborating on the same view!

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