Standalone Mobile App

You can access our standalone mobile app by sending an email to, informing your Operating System and the email address linked to your Google (for Android) or Apple ID (for iOS) accounts.

The mobile app is currently under closed beta and with a planned public launch in October 2020 for both Android and iOS versions.

We typically provide access within 24 hours of request.

Gmail / G Suite Add-on:

Our G Suite add-on is available in the G Suite Marketplace. This solution works on top of the Gmail app across all devices and Operational Systems.

With our mobile add-on, you are able to move emails across boards. The Gmail add-on does not provide, however, the drag and drop, search or other advanced features, for example.

Follow the steps below to install it:

Click on the '+' button on the right quick-access side panel.
You will be redirected to the G Suite Marketplace.
Search for 'Dragapp'.
Click on our app profile.
Click on 'install'.

Once you have it installed, you can access it from the quick-access side panel on the right side of your screen.

You can also access it from your mobile devices, from any email inside your Gmail mobile App. Our add-on will be displayed on the bottom, under the session 'Available add-ons".

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