With Drag you can have an internal chat with your team around a specific email or task. This way you can sort things out quickly with your team while avoiding sending endless emails back and forth. The internal chat is available inside each email or task card, in the Drag Email Detailed View.

The recipient(s) of an email will NOT have access to the messages exchanged within your team in the internal chat.

You can also @mention someone on the chat, which will immediately trigger an email notification to that team member.

You can only @mention team members that are in that have access to that specific board.

To @mention a team member in the chat, just type "@" in the chat input box. Drag will automatically autocomplete a drop down menu with the team members for you to pick.

The mentioned person will receive an email notification with a direct link to the conversation (and to the respective board).

When you have a chat in the comment box, everybody who is collaborating on the board it's able to see the conversation, but only the person you @mentioned will receive an email notification. Learn more about notifications here.
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