Drag allows you to integrate Google Groups into Drag boards. It is ideal for teams that do not have real email addresses for Shared Inboxes such as support@ or info@, and instead use email aliases and distribution lists.

Drag Google Groups boards replace Google Groups and stop the duplication of emails. It centralizes one single version of emails into a shared board where all relevant team members have access in real time.

Note only Google Groups admins can add Google Groups into Drag boards. The boards can be shared with anyone within the team afterwards, but can only be created by admins.

How to set up Google Groups Boards

To set it up, follow the steps below (or ask the Google Group admin to do so):

First of all, make sure your "forums" tab is disabled in Gmail: click on the Gmail settings button, select option "configure inbox" and make sure "forums" is disabled.

Click on the '+' red button on the bottom right of your screen

Alternatively, you can:

On you Gmail sidebar menu, find "Drag Boards" and click on the '+' icon next to it

Select the Google Groups option

Input the desired board name and respective Google Group email address then click on "Create"

The following popup will be automatically populated with the team users that are currently part of the Google Group. You then can:

Click on skip this step if you are happy with the current members
Click on the bin icon next to each name to remove respective members from the Google Group board
Input a new email address on the on the field email on the top then click on add (or hit enter) to invite more users to the board

You will be redirected to the new Google Groups board and will be ready to go! Every email sent to a Google Group will land on this board, and your team will be able to collaborate.

After a Google Group board is created, you can add or remove users from it independently from the Google Groups settings in your G Suite account. This means new users invited to Google Groups boards will have access to everything within a board, normally. Likewise, users removed from the board will keep receiving Google Groups emails like it used to be before Drag. You do NOT need to add member BOTH in Google Groups AND in Drag boards.

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