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Why emails are not loading into my Google Groups board?

If you add a Google Groups board but notice that emails are not loading in real-time into the board like they should, check the following:

Do I have any rules to auto-archive emails sent to this Google Group?

You may have a rule set up in your Gmail to auto-archive emails sent to that specific Google Group. In this case, emails won't load into the board.

Some other Chrome Extensions create auto-archive rules automatically in your Gmail account upon installation. So, if you have tried other Chrome Extensions in Gmail prior to Drag, you may have rules set up in your account even if you have not set them up yourself.

To check if this is your case:

Click on the Gmail cog button 'settings' on the top right then click on See all settings

Click on 'Filters and blocked addresses'.
Search for 'skip inbox' and check if you have any rules auto-archiving emails sent to that specific Google Group.
Remove these rules.

Are the email notifications enabled for this Google Group?

You need to have email notifications enabled to allow emails to load into Drag Google Groups boards. To check it:

Sign in to Google Groups.
Click My groups.
Select the Google Group facing the issue with Drag.
Under the column "Subscription", make sure the selected option is "Each Email".

Is the board admin part of the Google Group?

The board admin (user who created the board) needs to be part of that specific Google Group for our boards to work properly. To check it:

Click on the team members avatars on the top right of the board.

You will see the list of users in that board. The admin will be the first user in the list.

Sign in to Google Groups.
Select the Google Group facing the issue with Drag.
Click on 'members' and confirm that the board owner is a member of this Google Group. Note the user doesn't need to be an owner of the Google Group, just needs to be at least a member.

If you note the current board owner is NOT part of the Google Group, pick one of these options:

Add the board owner as a member of the Google Group, or
Delete the board and have one of the Google Group members to re-create it (to become the new Google Groups board owner).

Am I sending test emails myself (as a Group member) to the Google Group?

To prevent clutter, Gmail doesn't route messages that you send to your own alias (or to a group you belong to) to your inbox. As a consequence, if you are a member of a Google Group and are sending test emails from your own account, those emails won't load on the Drag Google Groups board.

You can read more about it in this Help article from Google Workspace.

To overcome this, try sending test emails from an external account into the Google Group.

Has the Google Group email address changed since I added the Drag board?

Changing the email address associated to the Google Group may cause emails to stop loading into the board. If this happen, choose one of the following:

Remove the board and add it again with the new Google Group email address.
Create an automation (if you are the board owner) to send all emails sent to the new Google Groups email address to load into the Google Groups board.

Have I tried another Chrome Extension in Gmail before Drag?

Some Chrome Extensions that also modify Gmail can conflict with our extension and interfere in some aspects of our user interface, causing slowness or glitches. Click here to check if you have a conflict.

Are the emails sent to that Google Group going to the spam folder of the board owner?

As part of its smart features, Gmail might be automatically flagging some of the emails sent to that Google Group as spam. And when emails are tagged as spam, they are not land on the board owner's inbox, meaning they won't make it to the Google Group board. To resolve that, the board owner needs to create a in their Gmail account to prevent any emails sent to that Google Group to go to the spam folder:

If you are still having issues after checking the points above, please contact us at Our support team will love to help.

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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