If you are the board owner

For an Empty board or Google Groups boards, the board owner is who created the board. For Shared Inboxes, it is the Shared Inbox account (e.g. support@).

If you are the owner of the board, only you have the permissions to delete or rename a board.

To delete or rename a board

You have two options. The first one is:

On the Gmail sidebar, find the board you want to delete or rename
Click on the dropdown next to the board name
Select the option you want ("delete" or "rename")
Confirm deletion or input the new board name, depending on your desired action

If you are not the board owner

You will be able to leave a board, but not remove it. You also cannot rename a board.

To leave or rename a board

Follow the exact same steps above. However, the option '**leave board**' will appear on the drop down menu instead of '**delete board**'
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