When you install Drag and open your Gmail, our extension should trigger automatically.

The Drag view should load into your Gmail as soon as you give Drag the permissions to access your account and authenticate your account in a popup like the one below:

If nothing happens after you authenticate your account, try the following actions:

1. Refresh the page:
Users may accidentally close the authentication popup without properly authenticating their account. This would stop Drag from being initiated. Try refreshing your page and this should trigger the authentication popup to re-appear.

2. Check if the authentication popup is on other tabs or windows:
Depending on your browser settings, the authentication popup may load in different ways. It may load in a different tab than Gmail or in a different window in your computer. Check all of your tabs and windows so see if they authentication popup is in another location.

3. Have multiple monitors?
If you have multiple monitors, Drag's authentication popup may be loading in a secondary monitor. Please look into all windows and tabs in your browser on secondary monitors to check if the authentication popup is there.

4. Conflict with other extensions:
Some extensions that also modify Gmail, like Drag does, can conflict with our extension and interfere in some aspects of our user interface. These conflicts may stop Drag from working. Please disable the conflicting extensions and refresh your page to see if Drag loads.

Still not working? Please email us at support@dragapp.com. Our Customer Success Team will love to help you.
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