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Does Drag conflict with other Extensions?

Some Chrome Extensions that also modify Gmail can conflict with our extension and interfere in some aspects of our user interface, causing slowness or glitches.

Conflicting Chrome Extensions

Below are some examples of extensions that we know that conflict with Drag. If you have any of them, please disable or delete them to improve the performance of Drag.

Contact+ for Gmail
Cirrus insights
Followup cc
LinkedIn Email Finder
Sales Handy Chrome Extension
Simple Notes

If suspect any other extension, not in this list, can be causing a conflict with Drag, please let our support team know at

How to check if you have a conflict with another extension

To test if you are facing an extension conflict, try opening Drag in an incognito browser window. If Gmail work normally in incognito, then there is a conflicting extension. Here is how you can try it:

Go to the URL chrome://extensions.
In Drag extension, click on the Details button.
Enable the toggle switch to Allow in incognito. Make sure none of your other extensions have this option enabled.
Click on the Chrome settings menu (the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner of your browser) and choose New Incognito Window.
Visit Gmail in the new browser window that appears.
If Drag doesn't trigger automatically, refresh the page.
Check if Drag is working correctly.

How to find and manage your extensions

You can go directly to chrome://extensions to check your Chrome Extensions. To disable extensions, change the toggle switch to off. To remove extensions, click on the remove button.

If there is no conflict and Drag still doesn't function correctly

Please email our support team at Try to describe your issue as best as you can to help our team solve it faster. Screenshots or screen recordings are usually very useful.

If you still want to use the conflicting extension

There are some alternative solutions:

Create a separate Chrome profile without Drag installed. This is where you could enable conflicting extensions.

Re-install Drag so that Drag is the extension that was installed most recently. Chrome automatically updates extensions as they release new versions. This means you may need to repeat this process whenever the conflicting extension gets updated. This is how:

Go to chrome://extensions and click the trash can icon next to Drag.
Download Drag Chrome Extension again.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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