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Drag disappeared from my Gmail 😱

If you cannot see your Drag boards on the left side of your Gmail, a few things may have happened:

Chrome Extension is disabled in your Extensions page

Type chrome://extensions/ in your browser to go to your Chrome Extensions list.
Check if Drag's Chrome Extension is enabled (toggle button needs to be on).

If it's disable, turn the toggle button on.
Refresh Gmail.

Chrome Extension is disabled in Gmail

Inside Gmail, click on Drag's settings button on the top right.
Check if it says that Drag is enabled (on the bottom, it should say "Disable Drag for").

If it's disable, click on "Enable Drag on".
Refresh Gmail.

You haven't authenticated your account correctly

Drag needs you to authenticate your account and grant certain permissions to function properly. Make sure you follow all the steps in this article to install Drag correctly.

Another Chrome Extension is conflicting with Drag

Please check this article to see if another software is conflicting with Drag.

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Updated on: 18/01/2023

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