Drag allows teams to collaborate on a draft before sending it externally. All drafts are automatically shared across all team members in that specific board. Here is everything you need to know on how to make use of shared drafts in Gmail with Drag.

How do I create a new shared draft?

Click inside an email.

Click on reply or reply as.

Start drafting a response you want to share and close the email, how you would in a normal draft in Gmail.

Leave the card.

After you perform steps 1 to 4 and get back to the board where the draft is, the text "draft" will appear in red on the card where you created a draft. Just like in Gmail. Everyone in that specific board will see this.

That's it! Anyone else (in that board) that opens that email will be able to edit your draft before sending it.

How do signatures work in shared drafts?

Every time a team member opens a specific draft, their own signature is going to appear on the bottom of the draft (including when you use the reply as functionality). You don't need to bother to remove your signature every time you are editing a draft when you won't be the last person editing it. The last team member will always have their signatures printed automatically.

How do I delete a shared draft?

Deleting a draft in Drag is very similar to deleting a draft in Gmail. All you need to do is open the draft and click on the trash icon on the bottom right of the compose box.

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