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Can I compose a new email from a shared board?

Yes! You can start a new conversation from any board, and send new emails as a Shared Inbox email address. This article explains how.

Please note 'Composing as Shared Inbox' is included in our Plus and Pro Plans.

How to start a new conversation from a Drag board

Note to be able to compose new messages a Shared Inbox (or as another team member), you need to first grant permissions to 'reply as' that specific email address.

Once this is done, follow the steps below to create a new conversation from a board:

Open a new Gmail compose box.
Click on the compose as button on the bottom tool bar.
A dropdown 'move to board' will load above the 'From' field. Select the board where you want to send the new conversation to.
The 'From' dropdown will automatically include the email address all users that have granted 'reply as' permission, including the Shared Inbox or Google Group email address.
Select what email address you with wish to send the new conversation from.
Fill up the 'To', 'Subject' and email body as normal and click 'Send'.

The new email will automatically load as a new card on the selected board, and your email will be sent from the selected email sender.

How to reply to existing conversations as a Shared Inbox email address

To reply to existing emails as a Shared Inbox, please check this article.

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Updated on: 31/01/2023

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