You can quickly narrow down to the most relevant cards in your Drag boards in a few clicks with our filter feature.

How do I apply a filter?

You can filter Drag boards across up to 5 different dimensions:

Type keywords that you want to be contained inside the card. For example, a special client or project you are looking for.

Card Status
Use this filter to see only read or unread (or both) emails in a board. This filter is only applied to emails. All tasks are considered as "read" status.

You can quickly see only the cards assigned to you (or to anyone else!) within a board. You can select multiple options in this filter.

Card color
See only cards of one specific color in your board. You can also select multiple options in the filter.

You can also filter boards by shared labels. Select as many labels as you want to filter.

How do I use it?

To search or filter your boards, first go to the board you want to deep dive and then:

Click inside the board you want to filter.

Click on the filter button on the top right of your screen:

Select the fields you want to filter and / or type the keyword to be filtered.

Click on "Apply".

That's it, your board will be filtered by the dimensions you have selected.

How do I remove a filter?

To remove a filter, close the red 'Filter: on' tag that will appear on the top right of the board when a filter is applied.

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