Drag's Shared inbox is the best solution to have your team collaborating on a shared Gmail account such as support@. It's very simple to create a Shared Inbox. Follow these steps:

You'll need the password of the account you want to share into a board.

From your own Gmail account:

Create a new board choosing the option Shared Inbox
Input the name of the new board and the email address you want to be shared e.g. support@y and press create
Automatically a Gmail login will popup. Select the account and type the password
You'll be redirected to Drag's permissions popup. Read and accept it
You'll be redirected automatically to the new board
All existing emails from the Shared Inbox will all load on the first column on the board. Remaining columns will be empty

From the shared account (e.g. support@)

You can also create a Shared Inbox from the original account you want to share.

Login to the account you want to share (e.g support@)
Instal Drag. If you have done it already, the Drag toggle button on.
On the top right of the board, click on the Share button
Type the email addresses of the team members that you want share this account with

In both cases, invited members will receive an email notification to access the new shared board.

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