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How does Card Status work?

Card statuses serve as another layer of management for your workspaces. Whether you are providing Customer Support, closing deals on a Sales Pipeline or managing Accounts, card statuses enable you to quickly find what needs attention and track important performance metrics.

What do statuses mean

Every card on Drag workspaces has one of 3 different statuses: open, pending and closed.

Open: This is the initial status of an email that is received or a task that is created. It indicates that the card is waiting to be handled.
Pending: You can mark a card as pending to put it on hold if, for example, you’re waiting to hear back from a customer or you just need time to gather more information.
Closed: It indicates that you are finished with a card. Whenever a Closed card gets a new email reply, it will automatically marked as Open again.

A card is automatically marked as closed when it's archived and automatically archived when marked as closed. Similarly, it is automatically marked as open when it gets unarchived.

How to change the status of a card

There are different ways to change the status of cards.

Top bar button

You can change the status using the status button on the top bar.

Send & Close button

When replying to an email, use the 'Send & Close' button in the compose box to reply and automatically change the status of that card to closed.

How to filter cards by status

There are different ways to filter cards with a certain status.

Workspace views

You can view all pending and closed cards on a workspace by using the workspace pre-set views. To open them, click on the dropdown menu next to the workspace titles on the left side of the screen.

Workspace filters

You can also filter workspaces by status, among other parameters.

Reports based on card status

There are a number of reports that can be generated based on card status.

Cards reports: The closed tab shows the number of cards that were marked as closed on a workspace within a specific period of time.
Activity reports: The resolution time tab shows the average time a card takes from it's creation until being marked as closed.
Tags reports: The closed tab shows the number of cards tagged with specific tags that were marked as closed, and the resolution time show the average time that those same cards took to be marked as closed.
User reports: The resolution time tab displays the average time a team member took to resolve cards within a specific period of time.

Read more about Drag's reports here.

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Updated on: 14/02/2024

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