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Why is my automation not working?

Having trouble making your automations work? This article will run you through a few common cases and how to solve them:

Has your trial expired and you've been downgraded to the free plan?

Note that automations are only included in our Starter, Plus and Pro plans.

This means that if you set up your automations while you were in your trial period, but then your trial period expired and you were downgraded to the free plan, your automations will stop working unless you subscribe to one of the plans above.

Solution: open your Drag dashboard > Billing to check in which plan you are, and upgrade plans if necessary.

An email account used in the automation is not included in your paid plan

Another common case we see is when the team using the automation already has a Starter, Plus or Pro subscription, however, one or more of the email accounts included in the automation is not part of the team (eg. a shared inbox email account).

Solution: open your automation details page to identify all email accounts involved in the automation, then go to your Drag dashboard > Users to check if all accounts are part of your subscription. Add members to your subscription if necessary.

Check for typos

It sounds obvious but lots of users find their automations are not working simply because they mistyped one of the terms, like email sender or email subject, in their automations.

Solution: open your automation details page and double check each step of it to make sure there are no typos.

Check the order of the actions

Sometimes, automations might not work because their actions were set up in the incorrect order.

Let's say, for example, that you want an automation to move a card to another board and then apply a tag (that only exists in that destination board) to that card.

In this case, you must set up the action 'move to' necessarily before the 'apply tag' action.

Solution: open your automation details page and double check if the actions follow an order that makes sense, and reverse them if necessary.

Check if your automation is enabled

You can enable or disable your automations using the toggle buttons next to them in your automations dashboard. Note they will not run if they are disabled.

Solution: check if the automation you are trying to use is enabled and, if not, enable it using the toggle button next to its name.

Check if 2 or more of your automations overlap with which other

Check if one or more automations you have overlap with each other, which will cause one of them not to work. For example, if you have 2 different automations to move the same type of cards, under the same conditions, to different boards or columns at the same time.

Solution: check if you have conflicting automations and resolve the conflict.

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Updated on: 21/09/2023

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