Drag allows teams to tag emails and tasks to make it easier to categorize pieces of workflows.

For example, for Customer Support teams, labels may be support level, criticality, type of ticket (bug report / help / feature request), etc. For sales teams, they may represent size of opportunity, timezone, probability, etc. It's really up to you and your team to define the best way to categorize your cards.

And Drag Shared Labels are here to help.

How do I manage shared labels in boards?

We understand boards and workflows are different from each other. That's why tags are independently created per board. If you want to replicate tags across boards, scroll down to the "Can I copy the Drag tags settings from one board to another?" session of this article.

To manage the shared labels in a board:

Go to the board
Click on dropdown menu next to the board title on the top left
Click on "tags"


Select any email to trigger the top bar to load.
Click on the "Tags" button
Click on "Manage Board Tags".

How do I add new shared tags?

To add a new tag, type the tag title on the "Tag Name" box and click on "Add" button next to it.

How do I change the color or re-order labels?

To change the color of your labels, follow the steps 1, 2 and 3 of the point above, hover the red button on the right of each tag name to change their respective colors.

To re-order the tags, just drop and drop them to the desired order.

How do I apply shared tags to specific cards?

Once you have created the tags in your boards, now it's time to apply them to cards.

Select the card(s) you want to apply the tags on. A top bar will appear with several options, like in Gmail.

Click on the red "tag" button on the top bar
The list of tags will appear on the drop down. Click on the label you want to apply.

How do I remove tags from specific cards?

To remove labels from cards:

You can remove tags from specific cards by simply clicking on the "x" next to the tag that you want to remove. This can be done from the board / list view or from the detailed view.

How do I delete tags entirely from a board?

To delete tags from a whole board, follow the steps 1, 2 and 3 in the "How to manage shared tags in a board?" session above, then use the trash icon on the right of each label name to remove the label. Note the label will be removed only from the specific board you select.

Can I copy the Drag label settings from one board to another?

Yes! Every time you drag a card from one board to another, all the labels from this card that do not exist in the destination board are going to be created in the destination board. So, to copy labels from one board to another, do the following:

Assign the labels you want to copy to a card
Drag this card to the board you want the labels to be created. The new labels will automatically appear on the destination board.

Can I filter boards per labels?

Absolutely! Click here to learn more about how to search and filter Drag boards.

Can I automate tagging in Drag?

Absolutely! Click here to learn more about our automations.
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