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"Something went wrong" message when trying to access Drag's mobile app

Are you getting the following error message when trying to log in to Drag's mobile app?

Not a problem, this should be easy to fix.

This error message is displayed when your Google Workspace account has not granted Drag's mobile app the required permissions to connect to your account. To fix this, you need to add Drag's mobile app in your list of trusted apps. Below are the instructions to do that.

You need to be the administrator of your Google Workspace account to follow these steps.

From your browser,

Log into your Google Workspace admin account at
Go to Security > Access and Data Control > API Controls

Click on Manage Google Services
Make the option "Google Workspace Admin" has the "Access" option set up as "Unrestricted"

Click on the option Configured Apps and select the option Add app > OAuth App Name Or Client ID

Add the following codes for each Operating System:


Click on Search then click on the option Select next to the Drag mobile app option

Tick the box next to the Drag's mobile app Client ID and click on Select

Select if you want to grant access to your entire organization or just specific org units
Under Access to Google Data, select the option Trusted and click on Continue

Review your selection and click on Finish

Once all the steps are followed, try logging to our mobile app again.

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Updated on: 19/10/2023

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