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How to create and use custom roles in Drag

Users can create custom roles in Drag with their own combination of permissions, and map those roles to their team to define what actions each team member is allowed to perform in Drag.

Custom user roles and permissions are included in the Pro plan.

What are Custom Roles

Drag users can pick their own combination of permissions to create Custom Roles, which define what team members are allowed to do.

There are 30+ permissions to choose from in the following categories:

Cards: Basic functionality on Drag cards such as reply or forward.
Boards: Board-related functionality such as creating new boards or changing board settings.
Workflow: Teamwise workflow functionality such as email templates or automations.
Other: Other permissions not included in the previous categories.

How to create a Custom Role

To create a new role:

Click on the Drag icon on the top right to open your admin panel.
Click on "Users and Roles" > "Roles" to view the list of existing roles in your subscription. If you are accessing it for the 1st time, you will see the list of default user roles.

Click on the "Add new Role" red button on the top right.

Note only Super Admins, Account Admins or users assigned to custom roles with required permissions are allowed to create and map new custom roles.

Type a role name and a role description.
Select the permissions you want to include in this particular role.
Click on "save changes" on the bottom right of the page.
The new role will be added to the "Roles" page with the tag "Custom".

How to edit or delete custom roles

To edit or delete a custom role, just click on the pen icon (to edit) or bin icon (to delete) next to the role name on the "Roles" page.

How to assign custom roles to users

To map users to different roles, you need to have an active subscription with Drag. To do that:

Click on "Users and Roles" > "Users" in the admin panel.

Click on the pen icon next to the user you wish to assign a role.
Select the role you wish to assign to that user and click on "Save changes".

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Updated on: 12/09/2023

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