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How does the "select all" option per column work?

In Drag, you can select all cards in a column or list by using the option "Select all" in the 3-dot button on the top right of each column or list. This article explain how this works.

Like Gmail, Drag selects all cards that are on display when you use the 'select all' option. For example, if you select all emails in Gmail, it will only select those emails on the first page. Drag is similar, but our columns (or lists) load cards in batches of 20 (differently than Gmail that loads in 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 or 100 emails on a page). This means that:

If there are 20 or less cards on the column, all cards will be selected.
If there are over 20 cards on the column, the 20 top cards will be selected.

How do I select over 20 cards at a time?

You can select more than 20 cards at a time by scrolling down the column in question to load new batches of 20 cards. When you reach the bottom of the column, a new batch of 20 cards will load, and it will keep loading new batches until all cards are displayed.

When using the "select all" option, the number of total cards selected will be displayed on a message on the bottom left of the screen.

Up to how many cards can I select at a time?

There is no official limit for the number of cards you can select at a time. For full performance, we recommend not going beyond 120 cards to perform bulk actions such as archive, assign, delete, etc.

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Updated on: 02/02/2023

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