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How do I use permalinks (card URL links)?

Sometimes, you may want to refer to certain Drag boards or cards in different places. For example to help a team member in a ticket by sending a link to a similar conversation you had in the past with another customer.

Every board and card in Drag have unique IDs and URLs to help you track and access information easily. Drag allows you to use card URL links to share information inside our outside Drag, quicker.

Permalinks can be used for any cards that are either archived or in inboxes.

Inside the card detailed view, click on the copy card permalink button on the top bar. A message will appear on the bottom left of your screen confirm that the card URL has been copied.

All you need to do then is to paste this link anywhere: in the comments in another card, in your chat app or any other external chat to Gmail.

You can simply copy the browser URL for boards and paste there wherever you want. All browser URLs will contain the unique board or board folders IDs.

You can also share permalinks to board folders (eg. "assigned to me", "sent", "drafts", "unread" or "archived").

There are 3 situations when card permalinks will redirect you to your normal Gmail inbox:

If you don't have access to that specific card or board. You will only be able to open permalinks for cards located in boards of which you are a team member.
The email has been permanently deleted. Card permalinks can perfectly be used for archived emails or tasks. However, if that card is permanently deleted from the Gmail bin, permalinks will no longer work for that card.
You are using a different email address than the one that has access to that card or board (eg. if you receive a link that contains "/mail/u/0/" like in the image below, but your default account in Gmail is set up to be your personal email address and not the one using Drag). In this case, just replace the number 0 in the URL by the number associated with your email account that has access to that board or card.

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Updated on: 02/02/2023

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