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How do I use Email tracking?

Drag allows you to know when your emails have been read by the recipient. This article explains how to use this feature.

How to track emails

You can choose if you want to track emails or not. This setting can be found on the formatting bar on the compose box, when you are composing or replying to an email.

Email tracking setting

Click on the checkmarks icon to turn it on or off. When the checkmarks are filled in green, that email will be tracked. When the checkmarks are not filled, that email won't be tracked.

The email tracking setting is automatically saved for future emails. This means that if you turn it off once, the email tracking feature will remain off for all future emails you compose, until you turn the setting on again.

How to know whether an email has been viewed

Viewed emails will contain 2 green checkmarks, whereas unread emails will contain only 1 a green checkmark.

You can visually check whether the recipient has viewed your emails in the following ways:

Over the checkmarks that appear in your Drag boards, next to the email subject:

Unread email

Read email

Inside the body of the email, on the top bar, next to the date:

Unread email

Read email

In the Sent folder in Gmail, on the right side of each email, on roll over:

Read email

Can I see when and how often my emails have been viewed?

You can see how many times your email has been viewed, as well as the exact time of the first and last views.

To do that, hover your cursor over the email tracking checkmarks:

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Updated on: 25/01/2023

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