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How to use email sequences and automated follow ups?

In Drag, you can create email templates and sequences, to automate repetitive emails and follow ups. This article explains how to use it.

Before you learn about email sequences, is advised that you read this article about email templates.

How to create an email sequence?

Email sequences can be created and edited in the same place where you can create email templates.

When you create or edit an email template, you can turn it into an email sequence in a few steps:

Add custom fields for an email sequence

On the bottom of each compose box, there is a drop down menu with a series of custom fields that can be inserted into email templates. Select the fields you want to insert into the sequences in their respective templates.

Custom fields are maintained across the entire sequence. For example, if you have the field "First Name" in a sequence, you only need to fill the "first name" (of your email recipient) once. All following emails in that sequence will have the same "first name" automatically inserted.

Add new email templates to a sequence

Click on the "+" button on the left-side tracker to add a new email to the sequence. This button will open a new compose box.

The subject line of new emails in a sequence will be pre-populated with the original subject line and cannot be changed.

Select the date and time for the automated follow ups in a sequence

On the top of the new compose box, you will be asked to select the gap interval between emails in a sequence.

You can select how many days / weeks / months later your automated follow up should be sent, along with the specific time.

All times selected will be in your specific local time (the timezone set in your Gmail account).

All dates and times are relative to the previous email in the sequence. For example, if you select '2 days after' in the 3rd email in a sequence, this means the 3rd email will be sent 2 days after the 2nd email in the sequence, not the 1st.

How to share, edit or delete an email template

To share, edit or delete an email template or email sequence:

Go to the Drag menu button and click on Templates.
Search for the template you want to share, edit or delete.
To delete it, click on the bin icon next to it. To edit or share it, click on the pen icon next to it.

How to send email templates

You can either compose a new email or reply to existing conversations with email templates. In any of these cases:

Click on the 3-dot button next to the email tracking icon.
Select the email that you wish to send (you can use the search bar to search for it).

The template name will be greyed out if there is no content in that specific template. Templates cannot be used without any content inside. To add content to an empty email template, follow the steps on the top of this article.

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If I turn Drag's toggle button off, will sequences still be sent?

Yes. Email sequences are not influenced by Drag's toggle button. As long as the extension is enabled in your account, the email sequences will kept being sent.

Will sequences still be sent if someone replies to them?

Automated follow ups will only be sent if your emails are not replied. If you receive a reply to an email, the sequence will be automatically paused.

How do sequences work with Cc or Bcc?

If you include recipients in Cc or Bcc to the first email in a sequence, all following emails in that sequence will still include the same Cc and Bcc recipients.

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Updated on: 02/02/2023

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