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How do I install Drag Chrome Extension?

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Drag has a very simple installation process.

Just click here for the direct link to our app in the Chrome Store.

Click on the blue button 'Add to Chrome' on the top right. After installation.

Your Gmail tab will automatically load with a "Welcome to Drag" popup.

Click on "I'm ready" if you wish to activate Drag in the existing Gmail account or select "Do Not Activate Drag". You can enable/ disable Drag at any point.

Note you can have Drag installed in specific Gmail accounts, and have it not installed in other accounts. Here's how.

Select the account in which you would like to install Drag.

A popup will automatically load asking for the required permissions to your account that Drag needs to function properly (here's why we need them).

Read and accept the permissions by scrolling down and clicking on 'Allow''.

Don't forget to install our mobile app too.

You will know you have Drag installed when you see:

A Drag menu button on the top right, next to the Gmail search bar:

The Today view, Assigned to me and Drag boards sessions on the left side, under your Drafts folder:

A toggle button on the top right to turn Drag view on / off your main inbox:

I see the menu button but don't see Drag boards or a toggle button in Gmail?

If you can see the menu button on the top right but don't have the Drag boards or the toggle button, Drag may be installed but disabled in your account.

To check that:

Click on the menu button.

Go to Advanced > Activation Settings.

Make sure the "Enable Drag" toggle button is on.

Installed Drag and nothing happened to your Gmail? Click here to see what may be happening.

Still need help? Our Support team will love to help at

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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