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How to set up an auto-responder in Drag

Automatically send a response to emails received in your shared inboxes with Drag's auto-responder rules. You can choose different criteria and triggers to define when responses are sent, as well as add delays to when responses are sent.

Note the "send email" action in our automations is included in the Plus and Pro Plans.

Drag offers a broad range of automations besides auto-responders. To read more about setting up automation rules in Drag, go to this article.

How to create an auto-responder

To create an auto-responder rule follow these steps:

Create the shared email template that you would like to be used in the auto-response.

Click on the menu button on the top right of your screen and select "automations".

Click on the Create an automation red button on the top right.

Type a name and description for the auto-responder.

Select the option card received in the 'When' section.

Choose the board where you want to add the auto responder.

Select any email in the 'If' section to reply to any email that lands on the board. Or define specific email sender / receiver / subject to which you want to restrict the auto-responder.

In the 'After' section, select if you want the auto-responder emails to go out instantly or after a delay.

Select the option send email in the 'Then' section and define the email template to be sent.

Click on Create.

Note the auto-responder emails will be sent from the default email sender set up for this particular board. Make sure this setting is set up correctly.

How to enable / disable an auto-responder

You might want to disable an auto-responder temporarily without deleting it. For example, when you are out of office for a few days. To enable or disable an auto-responder, use the toggle button next to its title in the automations list.

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Updated on: 04/12/2023

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