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How to use Round Robin assignment

Drag allows users to automatically assign cards received in a board among all users or a subsegment of users in that board in a round-robin manner. This ensures equal and prompt assignment of cards, and is useful for teams who receive a high volume of emails and don't have time to manually assign emails.

Round Robin auto-assignment is available for users in the Pro plan.

How to enable Round Robin assignment

To enable Round Robin assignment on a board:

Click on the Drag icon on the top right to open your dashboard.

Click on automations > Create new automation.

Define a name and a description for the Round Robin assignment automation.
Select the trigger card received.
Choose a board for the Round Robin assignment automation.
Select a criteria for the emails to be automatically assigned (eg. emails with a specific subject), or select any email to have all emails on the board distributed evenly.
Select the action assign among.
Select the users to be included in the Round Robin assignment, or select the option All board members to automatically include all members in the board.

Enabling Round Robin assignment for a subsegment of cards

You can also use auto-assignment based on actions made on the board, such as Round Robin Assignment based on Tags. This is useful, for example, for teams who want to take advantage of the auto-assignment capabilities but have specific workflows where only certain types of conversations must be assigned across all the users of the mailbox.

To enable this type of automation, select the option "Had tag applied" in the "When..." section of the automation set up, then pick a tag (or group of tags) in the "If..." section. You can also use auto-assignment in conjunction with other automated actions, such as change color (example below).

You can also use auto-assignment just for cards that match specific criteria, such as incoming emails from a specific email sender or with a specific email subject.

To do so, select the criteria you wish in the "If..." section of the automation.

Enabling Round Robin assignment on emails manually added to a board

Each automation in drag only supports 1 trigger, so you can create 2 different automations (one with trigger "Card received" and another with trigger "Moved to board" to make Round Robin auto-assignment work for both cases.

This way, the auto-assignment will work when either you receive a new email on a board or when a card is manually moved to that board.

Important notes about Round Robin assignment

Round Robin automation works only for new emails that arrive on the board after it has been set up.
A card that has been automatically assigned to a user can be manually reassigned to another user.
When starting Round Robin assignment on a board, Drag considers the existing assigned cards before redistributing workload across users. For example, on a board with 2 users in which user 1 is assigned to 10 cards and user 2 is not assigned to any card, the auto assignment will assign the first 10 cards to user 2.

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Updated on: 16/10/2023

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