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Why do I get "You cannot move emails that are not your own away from this shared board"?What does it mean?What if I still want to move emails to that destination board?

Articles on: ⚒️ Troubleshooting

If the following message appears on the bottom left of your screen:

This means you are trying to move or drag an email to a board where the original email owner does not have access to. Our tool automatically blocks this action for privacy purposes.

Let's say you have a shared inbox "Support", receiving the emails sent to

If an email relates to technical support, you want to drag it to a "Technical Support" board. However, the account is not part of the "Technical Support" board.

This represents a security breach in the sense that the original email owner (in this case, would lose access to it's own email.

For this reason, this action cannot be performed.

It's very easy to solve this issue if you still want to move emails from an inbox board to another board.

In the example above, all you need to do is to invite the account to the Technical Support board.

This way, you can ensure there is no security breach and the original email owner (in this case, still has access to its own emails.

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Updated on: 18/01/2023

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