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Why do I get the "You already have incoming emails set up for [email address] to another board" message?

Articles on: ⚒️ Troubleshooting

If you landed on this page, you were probably trying to add incoming emails from a Shared Inbox to a Drag board and got the following error:

"You already have incoming emails set up for [email address] to another board".

Don't worry, this is easy to do 😉 and this article explains how.

Why did I get that error message?

Every time a Gmail account installs our chrome extension, a Drag board is automatically generated for that inbox.

This means that if you have already installed Drag in your Shared Inbox account (e.g.,, etc), a Drag board for that account has already been generated.

Any inbox can only be linked to 1 Drag board at a time. Because that Shared Inbox board already exists, you just need to invite members to that existing Shared Inbox board.

How do I do that?

To share that Shared Inbox board with other team members:

Log into the Shared Inbox account in Gmail (e.g. support@, info@)

Make sure Drag is enabled by checking in the Drag settings button on the top right if it says "Disable Drag on"

Turn the Drag toggle button on (to see that inbox in Drag board view).

Share the board with other team members

All invited users will then have the Shared Inbox board added in their "Drag boards" list on the left side column.

Don't forget you can rename boards by simply clicking on their titles, just below the Gmail search bar!
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Updated on: 18/01/2023

Actualizado em: 08/05/2023

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