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How do I use Drag analytics and reports?How it works

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We are working on a complete overhaul of our Reports, stay tuned for the launch in February 2023!

Note team reports and analytics are available in the Pro plan.

Drag allows you to track analytics and generate reports across all boards, to see how you and your team are performing.

To see the reports, click on the Drag menu button on the top right of your screen and select "Reports".

Drag reports consist in 3 tabs: Cards, Board Activity and Leaderboard, which you can find on the left side of your screen next to main menu:

Across any tab, you can filter your reports by board, user and date, in the 3 drop down menus located below the tabs names.

The main metrics in each tab are located below the dropdown filters, followed by the change compared to the previous period. For example, if you select the last 7 days, Drag will show the changes related to the figures of the 7 days before the period you selected.

You can also filter the reports by any given metric by clicking on their respective keys.

When the reporting dashboard loads, you will be taken to the Cards tab.

Cards Tab

In the cards tab you will find stats about volume and type of cards that you and your team are handling across different boards.

There are 3 metrics in this tab, from left to right:

New cards: Sum of all new cards that loaded in a certain board during a period of time. It is the sum of email cards + task cards.

New emails: Number of emails loaded in a certain board during a period of time.

New tasks: Number of task cards manually added into a certain board during a period of time.

Board Activity Tab

The board activity tab displays stats around all actions performed in a certain board. Board activity are actions such as drag'n'drop, archive, assignments, comments and others.

The activities tracked in this tab are:

Drag & Drop: Number of times that emails were dragged across columns within that specific board.
Replies: Number of email replies in that specific board. Replying as alias is also considered in this metric.
Comments: Number comments left in the live chat.
Archives: Number of cards that were archived in that board.
Assignments: Number of card assignments in that board.
Mentions: Number of @mentions in that board.
Due date: Number of times that due dates were applied to cards in that board.
Subtask: Number of subtasks added across all cards in that board.
Tags: Number of times that tags were applied to cards in that board.
Notes: Number of notes added in the notes tab inside cards in that board.
Invitation: Number of board invitations sent to other team members.
Color: Number of times that card colors were changed in that board.

Leaderboard Tab

The leaderboard tab break down replies and board activities done by each team member in a specific board.

You can sort the list by email replies or by board activity, by clicking on the respective column title.

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