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Setting up where email replies load on Drag boardsWhich option should I choose? 🤔How do I change this setting?What if I drag emails to another board?

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When you receive replies to emails on Drag boards, you can choose if those replies will stay on the same column where they were left or go back to the first column of that board.

The default setting in Drag is to keep emails on the same board and column where they were previously left. Replies will always mark emails as unread (i.e. bold) and on the top of the column where they were left.

Both options are useful depending on your use case.

If a reply to an email typically doesn't change the status / stage of your emails, you may want to use the Drag default option and keep them on the same column. But when a reply does change the status / stage of your emails, you should send new replies back to the same place where new emails load.

Example 1 (💰Sales): Your sales team is managing their sales pipeline with Drag. They split opportunities across stages, such as "Leads", "Opportunities", "Negotiations", "Won" and "Lost". If they receive an email reply from a lead with whom they are negotiating, this doesn't mean that the deal went back to the "Leads" stage. In this case, they would prefer to keep Drag's default setting (and keep email replies on its original column).

Example 2 (🚨Helpdesk): Your customer support team is managing incoming customer enquiries. They split enquiries into "New Enquiries", "In Progress", "Escalated" and "Closed". If they receive a reply to an enquiry that is under the "Closed" column, that enquiry is likely not "closed" anymore, and may require further action from the team. In this case, it makes more sense for them to change the board configuration to move replies back to the "New Enquiries" column.

This setting is configured per board. This means you can have boards where replies will stay on the same column and others where replies will get back to the first column. To change this setting:

Click on the menu button on the top right.

Click on board > board settings.

Select the board for which you want to change this setting.

Enable or disable the option Enable replies display to first column according to your preference.

Let's say you received a support ticket into your Support board (Shared Inbox board for That was a technical enquiry so you've moved it into the "IT Support" board, an empty board shared with your technical team.

If your customer replies back to that enquiry, the email will load on the IT Support.
If the IT Support has this setting ON: new reply will load on 1st column (of the IT Support board).

If the IT Support has this setting OFF: new reply will load on the same column where it was left (in the IT Support board).

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Updated on: 30/01/2023

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