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Drag allows you to save email templates and snippets so you can send repetitive emails in seconds. And the best part - they can all be shared with team members!

If you are wondering why you should not just use the email templates feature available in Gmail, here is why:

Drag email templates can be shared with team members. You can synchronize templates across an entire team, department or organisation, with the highest consistency and transparency possible. Gmail templates are only available per email address.

Drag email templates can be set up as email sequences. This means you can amend follow up sequences across a number of different email templates, automatically. In Gmail, you need to manually apply templates email by email.

Drag templates support custom fields. This means you can personalize your templates based on a series of fields, such as name of company, and automatically replicate these custom fields in automated follow up emails. In Gmail, you need the send the exact same, impersonal email every time.

Go to the Drag menu button and click on Templates.

You will be taken to the the list of all email templates that you have access to. To add a new template, click on Create new Template.

Type a name for the template and select which template folder to assign it to (at the moment, there is only 1 template folder available).

If you want to share the template, click on Invite Members and select the members you want to share the template with. You can share a template at any time later as well.

Type the content of the email template and click Save Changes to save.

Click on "+" icon next to the template to start creating an email sequence. Click here to learn more about email sequences and automated follow ups.

To share, edit or delete an email template or email sequence:

Go to the Drag menu button and click on Templates.

Search for the template you want to share, edit or delete.

To delete it, click on the bin icon next to it. To edit or share it, click on the pen icon next to it.

You can either compose a new email or reply to existing conversations with email templates. In any of these cases:

Click on the 3-dot button next to the email tracking icon.

Select the email that you wish to send (you can use the search bar to search for it).

The template name will be greyed out if there is no content in that specific template. Templates cannot be used without any content inside. To add content to an empty email template, follow the steps on the top of this article.

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Updated on: 30/01/2023

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