Drag automatically integrates with your Google Calendar. Every time you add a due date to an email or task card, an event will be added to your Google Calendar at the respective date and time you chose.

How do I add events in my Google Calendar from Drag boards?

To add an event in your calendar from a Drag board, first you need to add a due date to an email or task card. To do that:

From the board view

Select one or more cards on their checkboxes.
Click on the calendar icon on the top bar.
Select the date and time you wish to assign to those cards.

From the card view

Open the Drag Card View and click on 'due date' button, on the top right.
Select the date and time you wish to assign to that card.

How do I remove a due date from a card?

To remove a due date from a card, do the following:

Click on the desired card on the Card View
Click on the 'x' button on the top right, next to the existing due date and time

What happens when I assign a due date to a card?

An event will automatically be created into your Calendar.

To visualize it, click on the Google Apps button on the top right of your screen and select 'Calendar'.

What happens if I remove a due date from a card?

After an event is created in your calendar, it won't be affected if you remove the due date from a card. If you wish to remove the auto-generated event from your Calendar, remove it directly from your Google Calendar like you would do with any other event (right-click on the event and click on delete).

What happens if I add a due date in a Shared Board?

After a due date is assigned to a card in a Shared Board, all team members in that board will visualize the due date icon on the card, for example 2nd of March on the image below:

However, respective events will be created in the Calendar of the user that assigned the due date to a card. If you assign a due date to an email or task card that are in a Shared Board, an event will be created in your Google Calendar only.

If other team members wish to automatically create events in their calendars for a card, they need to remove and add the same due date again, so Drag will generate events in their agendas too. This won't affect the events previously created in other team members' agendas.

Will I receive notifications about the events created?

Once an event is created in your Calendar, you will get the same notifications from Google as if you have created the events manually. If you wish to change the notifications about events, please change them directly into your Google Calendar settings.

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