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How do I use Zapier integration?

Note our Zapier integration is included in our Starter, Plus and Pro plans.

You can integrate Drag with over 5,000 apps, with no code required, through our Zapier integration.

This article explains how our Zapier integration works. Note that our Zapier integration is included in the Plus and Pro plans.

Actions and triggers supported

The following Actions and Triggers are supported in our Zapier integration:


New task card
New email card
New reply to email
New comment


Create card
Add comment

Examples of integrations through Zapier

Whether you want to trigger actions in your CRM when receiving emails or automatically generate new cards in Drag when things happen in other apps, there is a huge list of tasks that can be automated with Drag and Zapier.

A few examples are:
Create new Google Spreadsheet rows from emails in Drag boards.
Create new deals on Hubspot from Drag comments.
Add new Drag cards as tasks on ClickUp.
Create events on Google Calendar from replies on Drag boards.

Getting your Zapier API key

Your Zapier API Key is located on the Drag menu > Integrations > Zapier.

You will need this API Key to either use pre-created Zaps in your account or to create Zaps from scratch.

Creating a new Zap

Login to Zapier and go to
Click on + Create Zap on the top left.
Follow the required steps to select specific triggers and actions for your Zap.

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Updated on: 06/03/2024

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