You can choose if you want team members to access your inbox or not. If you want to share your personal inbox (e.g. with your virtual assistant), they will have access to your inbox. However, if you do not share your personal inbox, no one will have access to your emails but you.

Drag has different levels of permissions in terms of what users have access to do in an inbox. These permissions are done on a Drag board level. This means you can choose which users have access to emails / tasks in each board.

To share your inbox, simply open your inbox, turn Drag view on, and click on "share" on the top right. Then input the email addresses of the team mate(s) you would like to give access to your inbox.

You can also select users within a board to be able to reply to emails on your behalf. This means they can reply to emails from your email address rather than theirs. To do that, check the checkboxes next to the users you would like to allow to reply to emails on your behalf. After you do that, they will have the field "reply as" themselves or yourself every time they reply to an email in that specific board.

The permissions in Drag (to access emails / tasks or to reply as a different email address) are done at a board level.

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