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How do I assign an email in Gmail with Drag?How to assign team members to cards?How to unassign cards?

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Users can assign Drag cards (emails or tasks) in Gmail using Drag. This way, everyone knows who is dealing with what in a workflow. Every new email or task added in a board will initially be unassigned.

You can only assign cards to team members that have access to that board. If you want to assign an email to a team member, make sure that member is invited to the respective board.

Select the cards that you want to assign.

Click on the assign icon on the top bar.

Select the team member(s) that you want to assign. Drag will auto save the assignment and the avatar of the team member(s) will appear on the selected card(s).

To unassign emails, follow the same steps above and simply uncheck the checkbox next to the team member you wish to unassign.

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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