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How do I upgrade plans?

Once you subscribe to a paid plan in Drag, you will be able to view key information about it in the Billing session on your dashboard, including details about your Plan, existing number of seats and pricing.

You can change the plan you are, as well as your billing frequency (monthly or yearly) at any time. To do so, follow the steps below:

Click on the Drag button on the top right to open your dashboard.

Click on Billing.

Click on the red Upgrade button on the right-side widget. You will see your current list of users.

(Optional) If you wish to add users to your subscription, click on the +/- button to adjust the number of users and type their email addresses (or upload list from .csv file). Otherwise, keep the list as is.
(Optional) To change your billing frequency, choose the tab Monthly / Yearly on the right-side widget.
(Optional) If you have a coupon code, type it in the required field and click Apply.
Click on Buy Now.

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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