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Why does Drag request permissions to my account?

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Drag needs certain permissions to your Gmail account in order to work properly. You will be asked to give us these permissions upon installation:

Note if you do not accept these permissions, you won't be able to install the extension in your account and thus be able to benefit from Drag's features.

We fully disclose the users' information we collect, as well as how we use, protect and share them in our privacy policy, that can be accessed here.

We are audited yearly by a third party security company appointed by Google itself, that ensures that we are only able to request access to permissions that are strictly necessary for the operation of our product. We are happy to share our latest certificate of approval dated 3rd February 2021, just send us a request to

You can also revoke Drag's access to your account at any time directly from your Google Workspace or Gmail account and can request permanent deletion of your data from our servers at any point by emailing us.

Still have questions? Our team will love to clarify them, just contact us at

Updated on: 06/07/2021

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