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How to view information about your existing team subscription

Articles on: 🏦 Admin & Billing

Click on our menu on the top right.

Select "Users". You will see the list of existing users in your subscription and the plan in which your team is.

Note this only applies to users who already have a paid subscription with us. If you are on a trial or free plan and just wants to add new users to your existing Drag boards, follow these instructions instead.

Click on "+ New User".

Type the number of users you want to add and click "Add".

Type the email addresses of the users you wish to add to your team account.

A message on the bottom will display how your billing will change in future cycles.

Click "Save" to proceed.

If you need help switching or removing a user from your subscription, please provide the email addresses or the users to be switched or removed to our team by live chat or email and we will process the changes for you as soon as possible.

Still need help? Our Support team will love to help at

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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