New emails should automatically load in Shared Inboxes or in your main inbox (if you are using Drag on it). They will always load on the top of the first column. If you see that new emails are not loading automatically and in real time, try the following:

1. Hit the Drag refresh button

The Drag refresh button will refresh the entire board and load any emails that are eventually pending.

The refresh button will reload that specific board only. It will not reload emails across all boards.

2. Log in to the original account

If the refresh button still does not load missing emails, log in to the Gmail account related to that Shared Inbox. For example support@, sales@, marketing@ etc. Then hit the Drag refresh button being logged into this account.

After that, all the emails should be synchronized again on the shared board, and new emails should load automatically.

Emails still don't load? Please send us an email at Our Support Team will love to help you.
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