Drag gives you the ability to search for cards (emails or tasks) in one specific board or across all of your boards.

To use it, click on the search icon on the top right of any board:

This will lead you to a search popup. Just type in the search box a term that you wish to search and click on search (or just hit 'enter').

A list of cards matching your criteria will appear in the search results, along with its respective board, assignee, date and color.

On the search popup, there are 2 checkboxes with the following options to let you specify your search further:

✅Search all boards

Check this box if you want your search to be done across all boards. If this box is not checked, the search will be done only in the board in which you are during the search.

✅Include archived

If this box is not checked, the search will be done to cards currently on the board or boards where you are searching on. Checking this box will also include archived emails or tasks in your search.

Clicking on the cards found on the list of search results will drive you directly to that specific card detailed view.

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